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  This is Ozzy. Our first ferret that came to our home in February 1998. He was 8 months old and turned out to be a hurricane and a hit-and-run nipper. After several months he finally settled down and we started to really enjoy life with ferrets.

Ozzy died on 2002-03-09 from insulinoma.

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  Ozzy's wild behavior didn't keep us from experiencing "ferret math". We got Obelix a couple of months later in May. He was 11 months old, a giant (he weighted 2,5 kg) and much more calm than Ozzy. They had a hard time accepting each other at first, but finally realized that they could be friends.

Obelix died on 2003-06-22 from insulinoma.

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  Phoebe was found outdoors in the winter of 1999, so we don't know exactly how old she is, but she's probably born sometime during autumn of 1998. She came home in the beginning of March. The boys did not like her one bit and she was terrified. She was also a real nipper. All those things have solved themselves.

From the time Elric came home she began showing more courage and was searching for the others to play more often.

Phoebe died from tumors in May 2004.

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For the first time I've experienced the antics of a ferret kit. It has been wonderful - if a bit trying sometimes. :)

This is from when he was a wee kit, about six weeks old. He's grown into a big boy.

Elric has found a new home together with Damien.

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Damien needed a new home. We needed another ferret.

Ferret-math striked again...

Damien and Elric lives in a new home.

We have taken many pictures of them all, it's not easy with fast and curious animals, except when they're tired like this of course. :)

Since the amount of pictures have grown over the years I've put them on several pages to shorten the loading time. You can choose which page you want to go to here:

I tried to weigh them on a regular basis. I started in 1999, but it's only during the year 2002 that it  became a weekly thing.

Here are their charts.

Author Camilla Englund. Last updated October 2006.