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Ferret Central logo The biggest place on the internet for information about the ferret. Also a lot of links. National Ferret Welfare Society NFWS in United Kingdom, devoted to all aspects of ferrets - pets *and* working animals.
Bob Church's Chicken Gravy Lots of reading about ferret nutrition. AFA American Ferret Association, Inc
New Ferret City New Ferret City Californians for Ferret Legalization CFL's homepage
Guide to Ferret Ownership Guide to Ferret Ownership The Ferret Clinic CFL's medical page
Pathology of the Ferret Medical info. STIF Svenska Tamillerföreningen - The Swedish ferret organization


Personal homepages

Widget's halfway home J.D. and the ferret patrol The brat pack Megan's wild bunch
Entropia Emma's business of eight Pixie's homepage The ferret Pixie
Furball Forum Funny stories, the Ferret Poem book and much more. The Ferret Realm A ferret community
Maureen's ferrets Maureen's ferrets Ferrets are fine art AnnJessica's ferrets (Swedish)


Other ferret related  pages

Ferrets in Need Stories of ferret abuse, updates on the California issue, and more. tfs_o.jpg (4644 bytes) The Ferret Store
modfertlogo Modern Ferret Magazine
Djurens himmel "Animal heaven" (Swedish) British Federation of Ferret Welfare Takes care of abused and homeless ferrets.


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