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Hi, my name is Camilla Englund, but most people call me Millan. Me and my then SO, Fredrik, got our first ferret in February of 1998, and became fanatics immediately. I have learned so much about ferrets from the internet, but I also think there cannot be too much of a good thing, that's why I built this site.
Sweden has a ferret association called STIF. The local clubs arrange ferretmeetings a couple of times a year. We try to go to them all, it's fun meeting other ferrets, both for us and for our little beasts.

This picture is taken on one of their meetings. At the same meeting a local TV team was there and had a short interview with Fredrik and Obelix.

Beside ferrets my biggest interests are to read, mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy, and to play role-playing games. I also like movies, especially horror-movies.

Music favorites are in mainly in the Heavy Metal area. Favorite comics are X-men, Nemi and Elfquest. Some of my favourite TV-shows are Friends, Bablylon 5, Firefly, CSI (the original) and Gilmore Girls.

The best TV-series that has ever been made is Buffy the Vampire Slayer! If you've missed this exceptional blend of comedy, drama and urban horror, here are some more links where you can catch up a bit on the subject:

In summer 2004, the lovely Sara was born!

It was challenging and exciting to become a mother. Sadly one effect this had was that the two ferrets that we were owned by at that time had to find a new home.


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Author Camilla Englund. Last updated February 2009.