Pictures 1998-1999

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Ozzy and Obelix is curled up together, This picture was taken in the summer of 1998, they are almost a year old and have just began to accept each other.

Ozzy when he was a hyper 8 months-old. He was more pudgy then and his markings were quite different. He still loves to play in plastic bags (I do check so he doesn't eat the plastic).

Ozzy and Obelix in Fredrik's arms.

Close-up of the boys.

Ozzy is getting treats. (Or is it the finger he's interested in?)

Fredrik with the whole gang.

Me, Ozzy, Fredrik and Obelix in December 1998. The picture was taken at a ferretmeeting with STIF.

Fredrik with Ozzy on our first outing with ferret, early spring 1998.

Another pic from a ferretmeeting. Urban Fredriksson from STIF was holding the camera, that's my hands and the ferret is Ozzy. 

Ozzy is on his way to first place in an "agility-course" contest. (That's my boy - he'll do anything for raisins!)

Obelix among autumn leaves.

Ozzy being woken from a nap.

Author Camilla Englund. Last updated October 2003.