Phoebe was found outdoors in the winter of 1999, so we doesn't know exactly how old she is, but she's probably born sometime during autumn of 1998. She came home to us in the beginning of March 1999. The boys did not like her one bit and she was terrified. She was also a real nipper. All those things have solved themselves and the three accepted each other and slept together often. But it weren't until Elric came along that she found her very own pal.

Small, but with a lot of fluffy fur, especially the tail. :)

She can be very calm when being held, unless she wants to play, then it's almost impossible to hold her. Here she's content laying folded.

Phoebe still does not play well with the boys, but it's getting slowly begger. She rarely nips now, though one still has to be a little careful of where to place the feet when she's under the sofa. :) Not to mention the times she fights with another ferret. It's wise to keep all hands away or they'll get bloody...

She can get very excited for no apparent reason, standing in the middle of the floor she can suddenly do a quick wardance and then run under the sofa. She is the quickest of our three ferrets on short distances. Recently, she seems to want to play with the boys, jumping beside them to entice play, still, when they come in contact, she thinks they are too rough and screams bloody murder. The poofing which occurred several times a day has lessened to several times a week, so it's going in the right direction.

She is the one that is most tired in the mornings. At times, like here, she takes quite some time to wake up even when placed somewhere else than their "bed". :)

In spring 2000 we attended the Swedish national ferret show. We had a lot of fun meeting other ferrets and their hoomans.

Our little girlie won first prize in her class - AND became the public's choice! :)

Cream tastes wonderful!
In spring 2004 Phoebe developed several fast-growing tumors. She was put to sleep in May. We miss her tremendously.

Author Camilla Englund. Last updated October 2003.