Ozzy's wild behavior didn't keep us from experiencing "ferret math". We got Obelix a couple of months later in May. He was 11 months old, a giant (he weighted 2,5 kg) and much more calm than Ozzy. They had a hard time accepting each other at first, but finally realized that they could be friends and became the best of buddies, sleeping and playing together.

At the end of January Obelix had an attack, I took him to the vet where they concluded, as I've been expecting, insulinom. He was medicated for a month and then had surgery. He seems to be recovering well from it, and hopefully he can go without medicin for a time now.

Unforturately Ozzy has died and I was worried that Obelix would be upset, but both Phoebe and Elric seems to be taking care of him. I'm not sure if they understand Ozzy is gone or if it's because they know Obelix is ill, but they definately sense something.

In April 2003, Obelix has been on medication for half a year , and we have had to increase the dose several times. In the middle of June it was clear he didn't have any strength left. We hope he has met Ozzy on the other side.

Obelix is our athletic ferret. He has lost a lot of weight (this summer [2000] he was down to 1,7 kg) but he's healthy and very active. It might be the fact that he's lighter but he's become very good at jumping. If there's an appropriate edge to hold on to he can jump up and get over barriers up to 29 inches - that's by the way his personal record in length as well...
Not as cuddly as Ozzy was, he is nevertheless often more calm and many times he acts like a big teddy-bear when meeting other people - as long as he's kept out of faces, for some reason he wants to eat noses!

He seems not as bright as Ozzy, but that might be because he's not quite as curious and social. He walks his own way, often dooking softly when happy.

Four and a half year old he still hasn't changed much. He's a bit slimmer but apart from that he plays like a youngster.

He enjoys playing with Elric. Here's finally someone that's a challenge to wrestle with! :)

Author Camilla Englund. Last updated October 2003.