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Ulysses, aka Elric, 5 weeks old

In the beginning I mostly got pictures of Elric sleeping, not because he was sleeping much, but because it's easiest to get those pics. :)

Elric wants to play. All the time. It really doesn't matter if the others have a different opinion, 'cause when Elric wants to play, he'll play...

I usually don't bath the ferrets (with shampoo) since I don't want to dry out their skin, but Elric has longer fur than normal short-haired ferrets and being young and curious he gets more dirty than the others, of course it shows much more clearly with his white (yellowish) fur. Not to mention that he's in a rut and smells a bit... Here is one of the two baths he has had to endure. He behaved reasonably well.

As I mentioned, he was rutting, and Phoebe got some unwelcome attention from time to time. The little girl knows how to say when she's had enough, though. She really is the one in charge here, even if it doesn't always show. When she has told Elric 'No', he sometimes does the strangest things, as if to show her how nice he *really* is... (See above when he's on his back.)

In the beginning of January 2002 Elric was neutered. After only a week and a half his behavior began to improve. I bet Phoebe is the one that's the most pleased! :)

Phoebe and Elric having a great time.

Author Camilla Englund. Last updated October 2003.