This is Ozzy. Our first ferret that came to our home in February 1998. He was 8 months old and turned out to be a hurricane and a hit-and-run nipper.

Even though he was a problem child who tried our patience many times we endured and even got a second ferret (Obelix). After several months Ozzy finally settled down and we started to really enjoy life with ferrets.

At the beginning of year 2002 he had slowed down considerably and seemed tired a lot. At the end of February we went to the vet and they discovered that he had an extremely low bloodsugar. Like Obelix, he had insulinoma. Despite immediate medication he died four days later. We miss him tremendously.

When sleepy he was a real momma's boy who liked to crawl up in my lap for a cuddle or a nap. He also often followed me around, especially when I was carrying something - it just might be something edible and I just might trip and drop it. He was the worst beggar I've seen, never gave up until he got a treat - even then he came back for more.

He used to have really long fangs, even for a ferret, but one of them broke off at the tip when he was around three years old.

Ozzy was the most curious and inventive of our bunch. He didn't have Obelix stubborn patience, but he was good at opening drawers, roll around, and do other tricks... :)

After the first year he rarely nipped, except when he was outdoors or in the middle of getting into trouble, then he resented being hindered. He was smart though, always knew when he had been bad - afterwards.

It's fun being outside and digging in the moist dirt. The black nose is a bonus.
Here's the little cuddly guy in 'mom's' lap. He sure looks comfortable... :)

Author Camilla Englund. Last updated March 2003.